Articles from Cabramatta Vineyard on Worship

Worship – What Does it Look Like?

Different churches worship God in lots of different ways. Some Churches worship through liturgy, reading aloud every Sunday from the beautifully worded prose of Thomas Cranmer. Others worship with exuberant, driving praise music – slick, professional musicians, excellent singers. Lots of expensive suits. Other churches, full of faithful elderly people, worship God the same way each Sunday as they have for fifty years. God loves it all.   » Read More

Undignified Worship

2 Samuel 6.1-23. The Ark of the Covenant was Israel’s most sacred object. It was supposed to be in the Most Holy Place in the Tabernacle. It symbolized the throne of God. It sat in Abinadab’s back shed for thirty years after Saul lost it in battle against the Philistines.   » Read More

The Place of Music in Worship

Question: How many times does something have to be recorded in scripture for it to be binding?
Answer: only once.   » Read More