Cabramatta Vineyard Church is quite different to most churches. The differences can be explained in two words: missional and organic.

Which came first, the mission or the church?

Which came first, the mission or the church?

 A.Most Western Christians get saved into an existing church with well developed ecclesiastical structures. 
1.Discipleship is defined in terms of obligations to ‘the church’ – attend and put your money in the plate. 

 B.It is surprising to discover that in the New Testament, the mission precedes the church. 
1.Christ commissioned his disciples to go and make disciples. Mission comes first. 

 2.Jesus taught his first disciples how to do his mission. 

3.Followers of Jesus enter a community with the good news. When people receive the good news, a believing community is formed. Mission produces the church.

4.The church is the product and result of the mission. 

5.The church is also intended to be the main agent of the mission. 
  1. Mission is the main business of the church. 
  2. Jesus saves us and calls us to join him on his mission.