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This section of the website is a place where I will post from time to time in the hope of stimulating thoughtful discussion of the things of the Kingdom come and coming. I hope you will join in and add your own reflections.

60 in 60

At the Vineyard National Conference in Caloundra in October, Vineyard Churches Australia launched an exciting new initiative - 60 in 60 - that in the next 60 months we will grow to 60 churches.

Currently, there are 33 Vineyard churches in Australia. We want to grow our capacity in discipleship and leadership so that over the next five years we plant about another thirty churches.

I'm pleased that the first of these new churches is coming from Cabramatta. Jeff & Janise have asked us to release them to become 'Outcast Vineyard'. Jeff and Janise and their team of ten will be planting organic churches in and around Canley Heights.